Lash Extensions

Brie Viaene

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Introductory Specials

  • October Special: Volume Full Set for $165
  • November Special: Hybrid Full Set for $155
  • December Special: Take $10 off any service

Which style is right for you?

  • Classic Lashes

    The “Classic” lashing technique is the process of adhering 1 lash extension to each existing natural lash. Thereby extending the length and curl of your natural lashes. This look is great for those who have naturally full lashes, but want a longer more elegant look.

    • Full Set$175.00
    • 2 week fill$75.00
    • 3 week fill$85.00
  • Hybrid Lashes

    The “Hybrid” technique is a combination of both Classic and Volume techniques. These lashes are a great “middle of the road” if you can’t decide between the naturalness of Classic, or the fullness of Volume lashes.

    • Full Set$185.00
    • 2 week fill$80.00
    • 3 week fill$90.00
  • Volume Lashes

    The “Volume” lashing technique is the process of joining multiple lightweight lash extensions to form a fan. These fans are then adhered to each individual natural lash. Every volume fan is handmade by me, and customized specifically for the length and strength of the natural lash it is adhered too. This technique provides a full and glamorous, yet realistic look.

    • Full Set$195.00
    • 2 week fill$85.00
    • 3 week fill$95.00